Henry Chang is recognized for his original forms, use of materials, unique fabrication methods and novel engineering approaches. He has over 25 years of experience designing and creating homes, furniture, vehicles, clothing, musical instruments and extraordinary pieces of art. Ingenuity and uniqueness are requirements in any piece HCD designs fabricates for both speculative original pieces or those created on behalf of HCD clients.

His designs span across a broad range of subjects. Stainless steel is Chang’s signature material of choice and he has created innovative techniques/machinery to aid him in bringing the forms of his imagination into the real world utilizing whichever material best suits the task. Most of the time it is stainless, but sometimes it’s aluminum, sometimes titanium, sometimes leather, sometimes plastic, sometimes faux fur.

Kinetic elements are present in many of the sculptures and vehicles created by HCD. Three dimensional movement (accomplished by 3 axis, each perpendicular to the other two) and complex interaction between materials, environment, and the observer create unique, one of a kind pieces.

Chang is strongly of the opinion that modern artists should utilize to the best of their ability the myriad of tools available to them in the modern world and one result of this worldview is that sound and lighting are frequently incorporated within HCD designs, subtlely blending around and through HCD designs exposing otherwise unseen detail and engineering finesse.

Henry Chang’s educational background is in computer science, political science and classical and jazz piano. His journey into the art world was circuitous, unintentional and yet inevitable. His diverse skillset and roundabout career path has enabled him to achieve the aesthetic that is uniquely his. The first pieces of stainless steel furniture Chang created were very well received at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in 2001 immediately making him a recognizable and sought after designer. His evolution as an artist / designer emerged from this early successes. Henry Chang’s work has been displayed art exhibitions, automotive design fairs, and design shows around the world. His clients include personal collectors, corporations, architects and designers across all disciplines.